Getting Started

Log in to helix and you arrive at the home page. From here you can create a project, upload files, assign tasks, work on a task or whatever you want.

Note the two tabs across the top: "Projects" and "Task Central."

Creating a Project

  • From the home screen, click the green "Create Project" button.
  • Name your project, set the date, give it a description, then click on "create project." Your project is now listed under the "Projects" tab.

Adding Team Members

Adding team members to a project is a breeze. 

  • From the "Projects" tab, click on the red "Admin" button, then
  • the green button which says: "Add Members."
  • Search for select people or browse by letter.
  • After you click on a name, it will be listed in the gray "Selected" bar. 
  • After you have selected your names, click: "Okay." Those people are now part of your project!

Uploading Files

Helix makes it easy for team members to upload project files at any time, from any device.

  • From the "Projects" tab, click on the green button: "Upload Files."
  • Drag files from your desktop into the box or select "Click here to Browse."
  • When the status bar says: "100%," press "Done" to complete the transfer.

Assigning Read/Write Permissions

Some team members need write permissions to important files while some should only be reading. It's a snap to assign the appropriate permissions and alter them at any time.

  • Start with the red "Admin" button. You'll see your list of team members.
  • Click on a team member's name and you'll see the files they have access to. From here, you can adjust their read/write permissions. Do it for each file or all files at once by clicking the check marks at the very top.
  • After making your changes, click the orange "Apply Permissions" button and you're finished.

You can also assign permissions by document.

  • Click on "documents," then the document you'd like to adjust. 
  • Each document will show attached team members.
  • You can adjust their read/write permissions from here as well. Don't forget to click the orange "Apply Permissions" button!

Editing Project Settings

As a project manager, you can set project settings. These are privileges you give your team members to allow them to perform actions such as creating folders, renaming files, tasking other team members, etc. These settings can be changed throughout the project life-cycle.

  • Starting from "Admin," click on the brown "Project Settings"
  • Adjust performable actions for both Internal and External users, such as "adding subfolders, creating new folders, renaming folders, uploading files, etc."

This is great for protecting company sensitive information, maintaining the integrity of the collaboration effort and upholding version control.


Tasking Team Members

Assign specific tasks to individuals or groups. Helix stores the history of all tasks assigned for easy study and management report generation later..

  • Click on a file (not folder or project), then click the teal "Tasks" button.
  • Title your task, assign to one or more team members, write a description, select priority and change start date if necessary (default is today), enter due date and then click "Add" to create task.


Managing and Tracking Task Progress

After creating and assigning tasks to your team, track their progress and make notes and suggestions. Approve document updates and give feedback.

  • Click on "Task Central" tab. For Project Managers, Helix will default to "Tasks to Manage." You will see a pie chart which displays number of tasks by category. Clicking on a pie area will list your associated tasks.
  • By clicking on a task box, you can "ping" a team member to inquire about a task in progress.
  • Clicking "Go To" will provide a detailed history of this task. You can "Edit Task" (blue button) and change due date, add team members to task, etc. This information will also be recorded in task history.
  • "Close Out" will archive the task.

NOTE: If you are already in the relevant project folder, you can access tasks for that project by clicking the large blue "Tasks" button on the left.

Changing Project Managers

If you are the manager of the project, you can change managers easily.

  • From the "Projects" tab, click the box next to your project.
  • Click on the orange "Change PM" box.
  • Select a new manager, then say: "OK."

Downloading Files to a Zip

For doing work locally or just reading over a draft, download project files to a .zip on your computer.

  • Click the check box next a file . You can select one or many files simultaneously, including files in subfolders. Click the brown: "Download as Zip" button.

NOTE: "Download as a Zip" must be selected in "Project Settings" for Internal and External users.

Inactivating or Archiving Projects

When you've completed a project, you can archive it. If a project becomes obsolete by event or abandoned, you can inactivate it.

  • Click on the "Projects" Tab
  • Select project check box. Then click: "Inactivate" or "Archive."

Inactivated projects can be reactivate. Archived projects do not disappear but they cannot be restored.

Tracking Projects with History

Keep tabs on project documents and track changes with Helix's robust history feature.

  • Click on the "Projects" Tab
  • Select project check box. Then click: "History."
  • From the Project History window, you can view all FYIs, System Events, Team Info and Zipped Files or filter by category.