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Get the most out of SharePoint

Helix is the new SharePoint solution from SNVC. A collaborative environment, infinitely flexible by design, that capitalizes on your organization's existing skill-sets to keep every body on the same page and working together easier.  With unlimited versatility, collaborate to save time, money and resources.


  • Create project sites in less than a minute - no IT support necessary
  • Assign permissions to your team with a few clicks.
  • Collaborate using streamlined document management tools.
  • Navigate project documents effortlessly.

Intuitive Interface

Helix is a portal between you and SharePoint that's easy to learn, easy to use and will save valuable time in your daily work flow. Request a demo today. Before you know it, you'll be using SharePoint like a trained professional.

What would it mean to your organization

  • if managers could see their team’s work and assign document permissions without calling IT support?
  • if managers could check on work progress and provide feedback to everyone in less than 15 minutes?
  • if everyone could work together to share ideas and accomplish higher quality work faster?
  • if you could get everyone to tap into the power of SharePoint without having to teach them SharePoint?
  • if you could build upon existing work to not re-invent the wheel across your enterprise?
  • if you could build secure workspaces and teams in under 5 minutes?

With anyone, anywhere in the world?

Helix can.