Collaboration. Simplified.

Helix is a new SharePoint solution from SNVC. It's not a program. It's an environment where you and your team can take advantage of SharePoint's powerful functions without the need for SharePoint training. Helix is document management at its most effective and the only enterprise knowledge management tool you'll ever need.  Helix boosts cooperation by building upon your existing skill sets - no need to learn new software or processes. Do what you're already doing, just more effectively. Employees love it because it's intuitive and useful. Project managers love it because they can assign permissions and task team members with just a few clicks. IT staff love Helix because they can spend more time focused on IT, less time focused on SharePoint administration.

Imagine if all your documents stayed in one place.

Helix provides a secure, permanent home for your documents. Authorized team members can access documents with from anywhere at any time. Eliminate the problem of having multiple originals dispersed throughout the work area. With Helix, you'll only deal with "true source artifacts" - the latest version of the original document, every time. Project leaders can see the entire collaborative effort of the team in one location. Who's been editing documents and what changes they have made? Who's contributing? Who's not? There are no secrets here. Helix makes coordination amazingly simple for any team and is inherently packed with every bit of document and project history. Give your customers read-only access to important files so they have a unique glimpse into your processes in real time.

Knowledge Management over time.

Imagine the best possible process for developing, sharing and effectively applying organizational knowledge management. How valuable is a tool that allows you to reach your objectives by making the best use of knowledge management. Helix is a solution which provides a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve organization objectives by capitalizing on your wealth of corporate knowledge.  What are you waiting for? Take Helix to the edge of knowledge management.

Great for proposals.

Imagine you are hoping to capture a contract. How useful would it be to keep the related project documents in one place so all relevant personnel had access to the exact same information? They evolve it together: the RFP becomes the Proposal becomes the PWS, just like that. The huge benefits of Helix become apparent when the individual stages of the process crystallize into a unified procedure for developing customers, writing proposals and managing delivery. With no loss of insight, you can move from Requirement Definition to Business Development to Capture Management to Proposal to Operations to Re-compete, each stage organically building upon the last. Crucial project information is shared without error across six "generations." No loss of information, no loss of insight. When the project managers change, all of the information which informed their decisions remains. You retain expertise and edge out your competitive advantage at re-compete.

No more cloud orphans.

Tired of creating a document and raising it to usefulness only to have it lost in the cloud, privileges denied or inaccessible because the administrator isn't around to grant access?  As a Project Manager in Helix, your documents will no longer be abandoned. You've got full access to your documents indefinitely: say goodbye to cloud orphans. In Helix, your documents will reach adulthood with every update tracked. FYI notifications keep the family united and informed.

Or maybe this sounds familiar: you've traded the same file around by email for weeks, accruing multiple versions where so-and-so has worked on this part and someone else has worked on another part. Which version is correct? Why are these portions redundant?  An abundance of file versions damages your processes and cost you time and effort communicating with your team. Say "goodbye" to all that with Helix. Put a document in Helix and it becomes like a drinking well. Everyone can go to it and no one can run off with it or copy it. You've got tons of data. Manage it flawlessly. Instead of discussing procedure for document naming again, talk about what's next.

Managers manage.

With Helix, upload project files at any time from any device. Managers can assign permissions to multiple documents across multiple projects without IT assistance.

Helix does for SharePoint what Windows did for DOS.

SharePoint has tons of power. Helix puts you in the driver's seat. You don't have to understand how the engine works to turn the key. Working in an environment with Helix and one without are night and day. Easy to learn, Helix will save your team time, money and resources. This living archive lets you get things done. Your information becomes infinitely resilient and exponentially more accessible. You'll use the lessons of the past to forecast the future. You'll create innovative new internal processes. You've got a wealth of corporate knowledge. Take advantage of it. Evolve your organization with Helix and request a demo today.